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How can I identify where a smell is originating?

There is nothing more frustrating than noticing a sewer smell in your home and not being able to determine its location. A smoke test is a viable option to locate this annoying smell and is one of the plumbing-related services offered by Advanced Drain Line Solutions.

A smoke test is a method that pushes artificial non-toxic smoke through pipes. The smoke is similar to what you would see from a fog machine at a party. A smoke test is a fast way to reveal the source and cause of an odor that may take days or weeks to find using alternate methods. Smoke tests can help to find cracked or broken pipes, leaks, and bad connections. During a smoke test, smoke will emerge wherever there is a defect. If you have an issue, you may see smoke coming out of vents, through the traps under a sink, tub, basin, or other drains that may be defective or improperly installed, through the gutter, or even out of the ground. Smoke from the ground may indicate a break or other defect in the sewer line. Basically, anywhere a smell can go, the smoke will go too.

If you have an odor for which you just can’t locate the source, contact Advanced Drain Line Solutions to discuss options. A smoke test might just be the answer! Call us today: 231-250-1206.

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