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What causes a clogged line?

Drain lines will likely give you some early warnings if there is an issue. You might hear a gurgling sound in your sink. Your toilet water might bubble. You may start to notice water backing up in your shower when you flush your toilet.

There are several reasons that drain lines become clogged. Three of the most common reasons are: 1) debris in the line, 2) a damaged pipe, or 3) tree roots.

Tree roots like to infiltrate drain lines, often in the search for water. Over time, the seal that is used in drain line joints can become brittle and crack. Roots can enter a drain line through a crack or an unstable joint and begin their journey throughout the drain line. As debris is flushed down the lines, it can get caught on the roots or other obstructions in the pipe and result in much larger blockages.

Before a specific cause can be determined, the line must be cleared. Once things are flowing again, video inspection tools can be used to see exactly what is going on. Maybe it was just a big paper blockage. Perhaps there is a root blockage, or maybe the drainpipe is damaged. Whatever it is, Advanced Drain Line Solutions is prepared to determine the best next steps for your situation. From traditional snaking, to mechanical cleaning and hydrojetting, we have the tools available to get the job done! Contact us today!

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